Salvage & Vessel Operations

Since starting out in 1991, Sea-Lift Diving Ltd have been involved in various salvage operations, from big projects to small ones offering an excellent, professional service every time.

These salvage operations include:

Salvage of a barge crane.

Salvage of ‘The Fray’ for Essex boat yard.

Recovery of a burnt-out vessel for Whitstable Marine

Recovery of a conveyor for Brett Aggregates.

Recovery of R.N.L.I Whitstable tractor and trailer.

Salvage and recovery of a 30×5 metre supporting pontoon at Tilbury Landing Stage.

Recovery of ABP tug boat at Port Talbot

Our teams are often called out to assist with fouled propellers, we can offer urgent dive support to any vessel, ship or boat anywhere in the UK within 12 hours.