The most recent demolition contract was completed over 10 weeks at Newport Docks working on the removal and demolition of a 300T caisson. The caisson deck-heads had to be cut off by hand and removed for scrap. When the floating caisson was cut to water level, a 500T crane was used to cradle the caisson and a 40T crane used lift for removal of all internal steel mechanisms and chambers including the breaking and removal of a further 100T of concrete and ballast.

Another two of Sea-Lift Diving Ltd's most prestigious underwater demolition projects were the removal of Margate Old Iron Pier with a sunken barge and the underwater demolition and removal of the RAF platform weighing 78 tons in Luce Bay Scotland.

This was carried out with expert knowledge and precision underwater burning of piles - where others had previously failed, we succeeded.


Previous Demolition Works

Example images were taken during the demolition works at Newport Docks for James Carr Group Ltd and Baileys Dry Docks.

The riveted Caisson that was over 100 years old was in a state of disrepair and no longer functional. Sea-Lift operatives worked around the clock to cut the caisson for scrap while the 400T crane cradled it from being sunk into the 30ft dock.

Sea-Lift Diving can offer consultancy and advise on a range of demolition works and can provide crane barges, workboats and marine support for challenging or problematic large projects.

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