Underwater Cutting & Welding

Over the years Sea-Lift Diving Ltd have been involved in many large projects involving cutting/burning piles, welding and installing sacrificial anodes and cutting structures underwater. We have specialist divers who are expert in underwater brocco, wet welding including underwater welding repairs, surface cutting and burning and removal of concrete jackets.

Our teams can also identify Accelerated Low Water Corrosion and carry our SRB (Sulphur Reducing Bacteria) testing.

We have recently been awarded an approved installer certification for installations of HCL marine shields and products. We have extensive experience with Denso pile protection systems on various projects.

Our specialists at Sea-Lift Diving Ltd and AV Coatings can also install polyurea paint coatings to any marine structure for protection against harsh environments, seawater and corrosion.

Anode installation, Cathodic Protection & Underwater Welding

We offer marine consultancy for the protection of piles and underwater structures from welding and installation of sacrificial anodes, denso and polyurea paint coatings.

Recent projects include:

  • Swansea Barrage Anode project (pictured)
  • Cathodic Protection for the H.M.S Warrior in Portsmouth
  • Installation anodes onto the LNG Jetty
  • Installation of anodes onto lock gates at Grangemouth Docks
  • Brocco and underwater cutting of over 100 Piles at Port Talbot Weir Project